Students of AMI Shishumandir have proved themselves every year by giving very good performance in all areas of the education.

Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to get it. The hard work and dedication has a destination which is success. Best of luck for your future and congratulation for your achievements. Keep going.

Previous year results


Class- 10th

Eshanika Sengar 1st Rank

Bhumika Sharma 2nd Rank

Class – 12th 

Sanya Kaurav 1st Rank

Kuldeep Singh 2nd Rank



Class 10th

Mayank Kushwah 1st rank

Tanushka Kaurav 2nd rank

Class 12th

Rashi Gaur 1st rank (Got 2nd position at district level and 10th position at state level)

Adarsh Rathore 2nd rank

2020 – 21

Cass 10th
Sanya Kaurav 1st rank
Mayank Shrivastava 2nd rank

Class 12th
Sakshi Jadon 1st rank
Muskan Sharma 2nd rank
Shivam Sharma 2nd rank

2019 – 20

Cass 10th
Vipul Yadav 1st rank
Rashi Gaur 2nd rank

Class 12th
Priyanshu Shrivas 1st rank
Ashi Gaur 2nd rank

2018 – 19

Science: Mayank Agrawal
Commerce: Arzoo Gupta

2017 – 18

Science: Abhishek Tomar
Commerce: Shivani Garg

2016 – 17

Science: Ayushi Jain
Commerce: Saloni Khandelwal

2015 – 16

Science: Prerna Gupta
Commerce: Shubhankar Kitkiriya

2014 – 15

Science: Pallavi Parashar
Commerce: Palak Sharma

2013 – 14

Science: Aakarsh Dubey
Commerce: Pooja Gupta

2012 – 13

Science: Rashmi Arora
Commerce: Ashirwad Dhar

2011 – 12

Science: Shiralee Runwal
Commerce: Ayushi Verma

2010 – 11

Science: Nikita Jain
Commerce: Shweta Yadav

2009 – 10

Science: Abhivyakti Bhadoriya
Commerce: Chitranshi Kushwah

2008 – 09

Science: Mayank Mishra
Commerce: Archie Gangarde

2007 – 08

Science: Anurag Singh yadav
Commerce: Shruti Sharma

2006 – 07

Science: Ankit Jain
Commerce: Ku Priyanka Jagtap

2005 – 06

Science: Neha Borker
Commerce: Amrita jain

2004 – 05

Science: Pallavi Joshi
Commerce: Samarth Aggarwal